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Smart Aluminum Curtain Motor Kit

Smart Aluminum Curtain Motor Kit

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Timing function.
Support remote control, app control, voice control.
Innovative silent system, minimum vibration and noise.
During a power off, users may pull the curtains manually.
When pulled gently, the curtain will run.
433MHz wireless remote control.
Stop automatically if met with resistance.
Electronic memory limit in case of a power off.
Soft start, soft stop.
Support multiple motors to work together.
Overheating protection system.
Wired control or wireless control.
Easy installation.

Motor Type SNCM18
Rated Torque 2.5 N.m
Safe Load 60Kg
Running Speed 18 cm/s
Rated Voltage 100-240 VAC/50Hz
Rated Power 80 W
Rated Current 0.3 A
Insulation Class E
protection Class IP41


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